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Polyvinylidene fluoride shows a higher tensile strength, pressure resistance and dimensional stability than the related PTFE, but friction and insulation properties are lower. Kynar has a high mechanical strength and toughness at lower temperature and it’s self-extinguishing. The temperature ranges from -22 °F to +300 °F. Kynar shows a high resistance to chlorine, bromine and high-energy radiation.

  • high tensile strength
  • high mechanical strength
  • high rigidity (also at low temperature)
  • high chemical resistance
  • very low water absorption
  • good friction and wear and tear values
  • self-extinguishing
  • high UV–resistance
  • FDA compliant
  • excellent radiation resistance
  • excellent barrier properties
  • relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion
  • welding is preferred joining method

Pumps, rotation discs, valves, fittings, glide tracks, cog wheels, chemical processing.

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